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A web-based geospatial data management system designed and engineered specifically for the vector control industry

MapVision® automates and streamlines your organization's workflow by building a cross-department enterprise that supports data sharing and sustains data integrity. It also offers integrations to manage ULV applications or monitor assets. The system acts as the backbone of small, medium, and large vector control programs across the country.

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Three unique DropVision® systems aim to provide for the efficient and immediate data analysis of a droplet spectrum

We've completely streamlined the manual droplet reading process for equipment calibration, characterization, and field efficacy work - from several minutes to less than 30 seconds. Robust reports and graphs are automatically generated, providing solid documentation that validates ULV and LV spray systems are in compliance with federal labels. Additionally, DropVision® software is uniquely designed for optimizing ground and aerial swath widths, reinforcing that spray applications are reaching their targets throughout the season.

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Field Equipment

Sampling a spray cloud?
We can help!

Our rotating impinger is designed to sample the airborne movement of a spray cloud when calibrating and characterizing spray equipment or when applying pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. The samples can be utilized to ensure the product is being dispersed following label requirements. The units work with standard microscope slides or rods - but we think you’ll like our unique Teflon options.

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GPS Guidance +
Tracking Systems

Technology that supports your operations in the air and on the ground

AgPilotX® A market-changing guidance system built for aerial applicators with only three components - making it easy and versatile. FleetVision® Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions.

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Our technology solutions are active in programs across many industries

Vector Control
Aerial Agriculture
Government & Research

Bringing Technology and Science Together.

Our goal is to support hard-working, dedicated professionals who require technical innovation and integration in the office, in the laboratory, and in the field without fail. We are committed to empowering decision makers by providing tools that help sustain sound practices in public resource management. Our vision and experience inspire us to create technological solutions that meet your unique needs for data management and streamlined workflows - making your operations more efficient and effective.

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Data Management

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Droplet Analysis

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Additional Solutions

GPS guidance systems, research equipment, manage ULV applications, monitor assets, and more.

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