Which DropVision® system do I need?

General speaking, the DropVision® systems are designed to measure a range of droplets from 4 microns, commonly found in mosquito adulticides, to the largest droplet sizes associated with agricultural applications, 52-1000+ microns. The chart below provides an association of droplet size spectrums and the appropriate DropVision product.

Droplet CharacterDroplet Sizes* (Microns)DropVision® Solutions

Extremely Fine, & Very Fine 0 ‐50
Fine 50 – 300
Medium 100 – 400
DropVision® Basic and Fluorescent
Coarse 150 – 600
Very Coarse 175 – 750
Extremely Coarse 200 – 850
Ultra Coarse 300 – 1150
DropVision® AG
Source: ANSI/ASAE S572.1 Mar2009 Spray Nozzle Classification by Droplet Size

DropVision AG

This system is designed to and is capable of reading droplets from 52 microns and up to the largest of those that can be collected in the 1000+ micron size. Typical applications are agriculture, mosquito larvaciding and forestry, where droplet deposition is the objective. For more on DropVision® AG information, please select this link.

DropVision® Basic & Fluorescence

Designed for extremely fine droplets, DropVision® Basic & Fluorescence read droplets in the 4 200 micron size. For more on DropVision® Basic & Fluorescence, please select this link.