3 mm Rod for Droplet Analysis

Sampling Airborne Droplets? We Can Help!

  • Order Includes a Box of Twenty (20) Rods
  • No Fault, Color Indicator to Avoid Backward Placement
  • Easily Connects to Spinning Impinger Arm

3 mm Rod fits on each end of the spinning impinger arm to sample airborne droplets within the movement of a spray cloud at fixed locations. A highly visible color indicator mark indicates the side of the rod with the Teflon tape to avoid backward placement. Samples help to provide datasets that include Dv0.1, Dv0.5 (VMD), and Dv0.9 droplet densities. 

The 3 mm rods allow you to sample airborne droplets with greater ease and accuracy. 



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SKU: Slides (1/8" sq acrylic)