DropVision AG

DropVision® AG is designed for the user who applies liquid products that produce larger droplets associated with agriculture, forestry, and larviciding applications.  The droplet range would be defined by The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers as ASABE Very Fine through ASABE Coarse to Very Coarse.  DropVision® AG provides many advantages unavailable from other technologies.  Specifically, DropVision® AG performs swath characterizations, deposition volumes, droplet densities, and detailed droplet spectrum analysis. 




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DropVision AG, through advanced software engineered processes, scans water or kromekote cards from a field-portable scanner, powered by the USB port of a mobile computer. DropVision AG also provides the feature of analyzing previously scanned images, as those files can be loaded directly into the software.  Once the images are loaded, each card can be analyzed individually or automatically processed.  This feature is only offered by DropVision AG and typically processes forty cards in twenty seconds.  The image above demonstrates the advanced software features of qualifying a droplet by circling the droplet signature with a green polygon.  The system operator can click on any individual droplet and exclude it from the results.  Another feature is the ability to “crop” an image from each side, top, or bottom of the image.

The main software control page displayed to the right shows each card has been processed as indicated by the green icon in the left column and is accompanied with detailed information that includes Sample Number, Distance from the center card, Number of Droplets counted, Total Volume, VMD or DV0.5′, Droplet Density/cm2 and Volume/Acre.  The user can select between metric or US standard.

Completing each card’s analysis, the user can choose to Analyze Set, resulting in the creation of the DV0.1′ DV0.5′ DV0.9 and the NMD graphs, the Density graphs of Drops/cm2, and the Application Rate Graph.  Additionally, the COV (coefficient of variation) graph is produced accompanied by a dynamic or live analysis of the effective swath, allowing the user the feature of changing the lane separation and adding up to ten passes.  This allows the user to see the deposition results when applying multiple passes in an operational setting.

More About DropVision AG

DropVision AG, through engineered processes, incorporates proprietary software that eliminates all background particles, only recognizing those droplets that contain a unique fluorescence tracer. DropVision AG electronically captures images on the slide, analyzing each droplet while eliminating any background objects or non-qualified droplets. This is accomplished by utilizing advanced proprietary image analysis algorithms only found in  DropVision technologies.

What are the primary components of DropVision AG?

DropVision AG consists of a specialized mobile scanner with built-in dynamic link libraries, Advanced Droplet Image Analysis software, and Graphing & Reporting software.

Does DropVision AG analyze and report the requirements of the new EPA labels?

Yes. DropVision AG provides the user with the new and current label language requirement standards. DropVision AG specifically incorporates DV.1, DV.5, DV.9, droplet densities per millimeter squared, and relative span.

Does DropVision AG analyze more than one image?

Yes. DropVision AG can analyze one card image or an unlimited number of images from multiple locations or sources.  This makes DropVision AG unique and capable of analyzing images for a single aircraft calibration or a complex network of droplet collection stations in a wide area ground or aerial application.

How accurate is DropVision AG?

Statistical analysis of DropVision AG compared to alternative methods demonstrated comparable results.  It should be noted that DropVision AG, through the proprietary image analysis algorithms, measures droplet sizes as small as one pixel (.5 micron). This advanced and unmatched measuring technique produces a more precise and accurate measurement of droplet sizes than conventional methods.

ASABE is a trademark of The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. 

DropVision® is a registered trademark of Leading Edge Associates.