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GPS Guidance Systems

Leading Edge and Hemisphere GPS/Satloc have teamed up to bring innovative technologies to the Vector, Agricultural and Forestry industries.

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  •  Intel Dual Core i7 processor
  •  4 powered USB ports (3 remote)
  •  4 GB RAM
  •  32 GB optional storage space on Mini SATA drive
  •  Windows® 7 64-bit operating system
  •  9-inch, 16:9 ratio touchscreen
  •  Internet and video capabilities
  •  Smaller & Smarter

The Satloc® G4™ is the most complete and advanced aerial guidance system for aerial applicators. Satloc® G4™ is built with the top-of-the-line processing power of Intel® Dual-Core™ i7 processor and includes Windows® 7 64-bit operating system.

The Satloc® G4 features a new 9-inch, 16:9 ratio touchscreen capable of providing faster video graphics as well as the latest in touchscreen technology. Use multi-touch gestures such as pinch-to-zoom, rotate adn press and drag to access information. Experience improved connection speeds for downloading job and shape files and prescription maps. The Satloc® G4 features video capabilities including Skype™ and Ethernet connectivity for cell-based modems.

The Satloc® G4 system includes a 9-in touchscreen, CPU, A21™ antenna and external CAN lightbar. For more information click here.

Satloc Bantam – High Quality, Affordable, Compact, Rugged


  • Customizable touch screen with real-time, moving map, 2 USB port options. Logon to hard drive or USB stick. Compute sprayed area and total area. Navigate to stored marks and waypoints
  • Return to last sprayed point
  • Store, analyze, and retrieve field data
  • Create and convert Google Earth™ KML files or shape files for viewing on the Satloc Bantam™
  • Remote switches for spray on/off and swath advance. New A21™ antenna with superior noise rejection

The Satloc Bantam provides state-of-the-art GPS guidance for aerial applicators. Available with AirTrac™ guidance software, the Satloc Bantam allows you to fly and spray precise patterns using constant rate flow control, reducing fuel, flying time, and application costs.

The Satloc Bantam lightbar guidance system features a real-time graphic moving map display that provides visual guidance, and shows key features such as swaths sprayed, field boundaries, skips and overlaps, mark points, waypoint and polygons. The AirTrac software allows you to track acreage sprayed, analyze log data, view range and bearing to remote points or fields, monitor application rates.

The Satloc Bantam includes a 7.0” touch screen, CPU with 2 USB drives and 2 GB USB stick, A21 antenna and external lightbar. Other screen options are available. For more information click here.


Automatic Flow Control System (for liquids)

With the IntelliFlow™ control system on board, spray rates will be automatically controlled with an accurate constant flow or a variable rate based on prescription maps (PMAPs). The required flow rates can be pilot selected or PMAPs can be created by using MapStar® desktop software.

Applications include:

  • Aerial agricultural crop applications
  • Forestry applications
  • Demanding eradication suppression spray program
  • Size options include 1/2”, 3/4”, 1.5”, 2”, and 3” versions

The system consists of a controller, valve with motor, and meter with magnetic sensor. Multiple sizes and configurations can be chosen for the valve and meter.


 Intel Dual Core i7 processor
 4 powered USB ports (3 remote)
 32 GB optional storage space on Mini SATA drive
 Windows® 7 64-bit operating system
 9-inch, 16:9 ratio touchscreen
 Internet and video capabilities
 Smaller & Smarter


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