Spinning Impinger

Need to sample a spray cloud? We can help!

Our Spinning Impinger is designed to sample the airborne movement of a spray cloud at a fixed location. Operations applying pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides can utilize this device to ensure product is being dispersed following label requirements. The descriptive parameters are (1) DV0.5; (2) DV0.1; (3) DV0.9.

DV0.5 is also called Volume Median Diameter (VMD), defined as the droplet diameter such that 50% of the spray volume is contained in droplets larger than the VMD and 50% is contained in droplets smaller than the VMD.

Spinning Impinger Includes:

  • Remote Control
  • Light to Locate in the Dark
  • Two (2) Mount Brackets (PVC or Tripod)

The Spinning Impinger is compatible with 1″ glass slides or 3 mm rods attached in a vertical orientation on each end of a rotating arm, rotating at a known speed.



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SKU: IMP-001