1″ Liquid Polymer Coated Glass Slides

Improve accuracy and reduce frustration.

Our 1” x 3” (26mm x 76mm) liquid polymer coated glass slides are manufactured by a proprietary method. The result is ultra-clean and clear double-sided slides without bubbles and artifacts that can sometimes present with slides utilizing tape.

  • Order Includes a Box of Twenty-Five (25) Slides
  • No-Fault, Double-Sided Coating = No Accidental Backward Placement
  • Easily Connects to Spinning Impinger Arm
  • Rounded Edges for Safe Handling
  • Independent tests produced the same droplet spectrum results vs. conventional Teflon taped slides.
  • Ideal for characterizing ground and aerial ULV applications

Are you evaluating your equipment’s calibration? The slides are an asset when depositing spray samples to determine ULV droplet sizes. This best practice helps ensure applications follow product label requirements for usage. We supply additional equipment (see here) for spray droplet testing.

PLEASE NOTE: Our unique coated slides are utilized by research professionals domestically and internationally. Unfortunately, our inventory is depleted at times faster than we can produce this proprietary item. Please get in touch with our team to inquire about current availability or to place a slide order for a future project.




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The slides have been tested against various solvents (isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and ethyl alcohol).

Need to clean slides? We recommend gently rinsing with 70-91% isopropyl alcohol if needed.

NEVER use ACETONE to clean the slides as this will remove the coating.

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