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MapVision Elite, Premier, Enterprise

MapVision® is a geospatial web-based data management system.  Every department’s workflow is automated and streamlined to create cross-department enterprise data sharing and data integrity.

Management, finance/billing, employee time tracking, operations, treatment applications, field technician activities, laboratory processes, maintenance, vehicles, equipment, and reporting are a few of the core features MapVision® offers.

Learn more about our scalable and customizable levels to meet your unique needs.

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MapVision currently supports programs across the country – from small to large.
The data management platform automates and streamlines your organization’s workflow by building a cross-department enterprise that supports data sharing and sustains data integrity.
MapVision is the most efficient, effective, and resourceful geospatial data management solution available. The software is loaded with standard features to support you now and as you grow.

The product portfolio offers three platform choices for every budget: MapVision  Elite, Premier, and Enterprise.

MapVision Elite is an inexpensive, easy to use, and quickly deployed solution for small operations, small budgets, or operations with a short season.

Our Elite system includes many essentials:

Operations and Mapping

  • MapVision Field App (online and offline)
  • Intuitive Mapping (GIS background not needed)
  • Activity Card Management
  • Zones and SubZone Management
  • Point, Poly, and Line Site Management
  • My Tasks Feature (Assignments: AC, Lab, SR, Workflow, etc.)
  • KML and Shapefile Upload to Field Map
  • Treatment Planning and Route Management System
  • Truck + Aircraft Mission Replay
  • Real Time User Tracking on Field Map
  • Service Requests: CRM, SRM Mgmt, Public SR Page

Lab, Administration, and Reporting

  • Laboratory Surveillance/Mosquito Pool Map
  • Inventory Management
  • Main Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Extensive Rules and Legend Management
  • Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Notification System (emails, tasks, etc.)
  • Inventory Management
  • VectorSurv Integrations & Reconciliation
  • 10 Standard Reports…and more!

MapVision Premier makes operational and surveillance activities more cohesive.

Standard features at the Premier Level include:

All of the Elite Level offerings plus…

  • Workflow and Task Assignment System
  • Managing Pesticide Resistance Testing
  • Managing Sentinel Chicken Testing

The Premier Level also opens the door to additional features via à la carte upgrades:

  • Software Customizations
  • Several Enterprise features (below)
  • Swimming Pool Imagery Management…and more!

MapVision Enterprise is the most sophisticated level. It is rich with features – including the dynamic Microsoft Power BI.

  • Ground & Aerial Workflows
  • Automatic Inventory Deductions
  • Heightened Surveillance
  • Parcel Inspection Plans (door to door invasive species inspections)
  • Rodent & Wildlife Surveillance
  • Tick Surveillance
  • Survey Integration Tool (SurveyMonkey +)
  • Social Media Integration

View the MapVision product brochure here or below.

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