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MapVision® is a geospatial web-based data management system.  Every department’s workflow is automated and streamlined to create cross-department enterprise data sharing and data integrity.

Management, finance/billing, employee time tracking, operations, treatment applications, field technician activities, laboratory processes, maintenance, vehicles, equipment, and reporting are a few of the core features MapVision® offers.

Learn more about our four scalable and customizable levels to meet your unique needs.

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The MapVision® product portfolio offers three platform choices for every budget: MapVision®  Elite, Premier, and Enterprise:

MapVision® Elite offers all of the features available in MapVision® Express with the added empowerment of the service request workflow (not real-time), adult and larval mosquito surveillance, landing rate counts, and rainfall data collection. Elite also provides users an expanded and feature-rich activity card for recording and tracking of employee actions and tasks, material applications, acres treated, and billable accounts. Elite incorporates laboratory workflow features associated with larval and adult mosquito identification.  A broader report set for pesticide use, NPDES, inspections, and treatments, as well as laboratory and service request reports, are included in Elite.  As administrators in MapVision® Elite, users can easily manage employees, species, source, and action types without requiring vendor support.  Elite enables users more configurable options (see MapVision® Features Matrix) to include the exclusive iPad Catch Basin App and aerial/ground polygon (block) management.

MapVision® Premier distinguishes itself from Express and Elite by offering comprehensive laboratory workflows to encompass all surveillance activities associated with mosquito disease testing, dead birds, sentinel flock management, ticks, and other arthropods. Premier maximizes real-time synchronization of all data sets associated with service requests, laboratory surveillance results, and real-time tracking of mobile assets such as trucks, ATVs, boats & airboats.  Premier offers a comprehensive real-time inventory management system that is integrated with the activity card. Another distinction of Premier is all legacy data that reside in prior databases, Excel, or common file formats are migrated seamlessly through Leading Edge’s custom programming interface.

MapVision® Enterprise is the flagship geospatial database that extends beyond the basic features of Express, Elite, and Premier. Enterprise offers the most advanced options for management, finance, laboratory, maintenance, and field operations. Examples include: inter-agency/commercial invoicing, employee time card tracking/payroll, bar code management system for inventory control and real-time synchronization with state reporting databases such as VectorSurv Gateway (synchronization with other state agency databases is available).  

Three unique components available in MapVision® Enterprise include:

  1. Heightened Surveillance feature designed to monitor for invasive species and newly emerging pathogens in mosquitoes, ticks, and wildlife.  
  2. Team concentric Parcel Inspection program based on the heightened surveillance feature
  3. Resistance Management module

MapVision® Enterprise dynamically bridges all vector control departments in real-time, resulting in the most efficient, effective, and resourceful geospatial data management solution available.

Geocentric by definition is relating to, measured from, or as if observed from the earth’s center.  MapVision® relates all map objects, data, report analysis based on a map point or map area.  This is known as a data relational geospatial database.  Built from this foundation, workflows such as site locations, service requests, mosquito sources, positive disease activity in pooled mosquitoes, human virus presence, virus in horses, vehicle and aircraft locations, and all actions or events related to these objects are spatially related.

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