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Liquid Teflon Coated Glass Slides

Improve accuracy and reduce frustration.

Our 1” x 3” glass slides are coated with a liquid Teflon substance (not tape) and manufactured by a proprietary method to produce ultra-clean and clear slides.

  • No Fault, Double-Sided Teflon Coating (no backward placements)
  • No Trapped Bubbles or Artifacts
  • Rounded Edges for Safe Handling

Are you evaluating your equipment’s calibration? The slides are an asset when depositing spray samples to determine ULV droplet sizes. This best practice helps ensure applications follow product label requirements for usage. We supply additional equipment for spray droplet testing, you can find our impinger here.

Your order will include a box of 25 slides. See below for additional details.



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Leading Edge’s 1″ x 3″ glass slides are coated with a liquid Teflon substance and are manufactured by a proprietary method to produce clean, double-sided Teflon slide without bubbles and artifacts that can sometimes present when utilizing Teflon tape.

Features and benefits of Leading Edge’s 1″ x 3″ glass Teflon Coated Slides:

  • Independent test compared to conventional Teflon coated tape slides, produce the same droplet spectrum results
  • The (1″ x 3 ”) (26mm x 76mm) Teflon slide is designed to be placed on each end of the spinning impinger arm to sample droplets
  • One inch Teflon slides are ideal for characterizing ground and aerial ULV applications
  • The slides have been submersed and cured in a Teflon coating, preventing improper orientation when placing in the spinner

Cleaning Notes
The slides have been tested against various solvents (70% isopropyl alcohol, acetone, and 70-90% ethyl alcohol).
ACETONE should never be used to clean the slides as this will remove the coating. We recommend using 70-99% isopropyl alcohol if needed to clean the slides.

SKU: Slides (1x3-glass)
Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 3 × 3 in


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