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Droplet testing? We’ve got you covered.

From rotating impingers to our DropVision software that can read droplets on slides (in seconds!).

We can support your needs:

  • Calibrating ULV equipment
  • Analyzing aerial and ground applications
  • Conducting research trials and more!

Droplet Testing Equipment

Impinger Droplet Testing

Leading Edge Rotating Impinger

Our rotating impinger assists when sampling the airborne movement of a spray cloud. The unit can attach to a PVC stand or tripod and accommodates both 1″ x 3″ glass slides and 3 mm x 25.1 mm acrylic rods.

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acrylic rod impinger teflon droplet testing

3 mm Rod w/ Teflon Tape

The rods provide an alternative option when sampling airborne droplets. The blue marker ensures the rod is placed correctly.

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Droplet Analysis Software

Our proprietary DropVision software provides users the ability to analyze handheld sprayers and truck-mounted sprayers but goes beyond anything offered by any other provider. DropVision is also able to analyze slides for aircraft characterization.

Three DropVision options to meet your needs – see below.

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Three options to meet your unique needs.


DropVision Basic

Our basic version provides immediate data analysis of a droplet spectrum to ensure compliance with insecticide labels. The benefits of the system will provide considerable cost savings and the opportunity to more efficiently utilize resources. 

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DropVision AG

This system is designed to and is capable of reading larger droplets from 52 microns and up to 1000+. Typical applications are mosquito larviciding, ag, and forestry, where droplet deposition is the objective.

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DropVision Fluorescence

This version is designed for the user who samples airborne droplets in geographic regions that have background particles that can be mistaken for insecticide sampled droplets. Our proprietary software eliminates background particles, only recognizing those droplets that contain a unique fluorescence tracer. 

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CASE STUDY: DropVision® Used for Droplet Densities & Sizes

St. Tammany Parish Mosquito Abatement District (Louisiana)

St. Tammany utilizes 14 ground ULV spray units and two airplanes in its mosquito control operations. Depending on the season, adulticiding can begin in March and continue through December. Since temperatures can vary, it is very important that the droplet size & density be monitored throughout the year. At best, this is an extremely time-consuming, eye-straining, and brain-exhausting process. In the ’70s, even mathematical computations had to be done on a calculator. Needless to say, when DropVision came along, we jumped at the opportunity to try it!

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