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St. Lucie County’s mosquito impoundments took a significant hit from Hurricane Irma in 2017, leaving St. Lucie Mosquito Control with a $4 million price tag for emergency repairs. We submitted a FEMA claim and it was tentatively approved, but the demands for information continued more than a year after the storm. In February 2019, FEMA requested several months’ worth of maintenance records on more than 20 of our impoundments before and after the hurricane hit 17 months earlier.

If we were still using a paper system, this request would have taken days to compile. Thanks to the MapVision software system from Leading Edge that we launched in 2016, it took about 15 minutes for us to produce a 295-page report documenting 13,366 hours of maintenance. When we sent this to FEMA, they responded that it was just what they were looking for. Two weeks later, we received confirmation that our reimbursement was coming soon.

On behalf of St. Lucie Mosquito Control, I wanted to thank Leading Edge for providing the MapVision software that truly came through when we needed it.