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Custom Software

Leading Edge’s goal is to provide customized solutions for your organization. By listening and understanding your unique needs, we are able to design and create features and functions that are customized for your specific needs. Both our MapVision and DropVision systems can be modified to provide for your needs. For example, our MapVision software currently has eleven modules, all of which can be configured and customized. Examples of these modules and recent customizations include the following:

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  • Real Time ground and Aerial tracking – tracking assets and spray output
  • Use of the latest handheld devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and Windows devices for surveillance, GPS locations and communications.
  • Remote Aerial Mission Software designed to reduce costs and create effecitve spray block from the field
  • Design of unique input forms for your devices or website
  • Reporting Module pre-fill regulatory forms, operations and management reports
  • Our Command Module allows you to view key benchmarks and statistics of your operation
  • PerformanceVision allows you to create custom performance and benchmarks to measure the team or individuals performance.


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