DropVision Fluorescence

DropVision Fluorescence is designed for the user who samples airborne droplets with Impingers in geographic regions which have background particles that are mistaken for insecticide sampled droplets. These geographic areas are typically coastal, agricultural, and heavy industrial locations throughout the world. DropVision Fluorescence incorporates proprietary software that eliminates all background particles, only recognizing those droplets that contain a unique fluorescence tracer. DropVision Fluorescence electronically captures images on the slide, analyzing each droplet while eliminating any background objects, coalesced droplets, or non-qualified droplets. This is accomplished by utilizing advanced proprietary image analysis algorithms found in  DropVision technologies.

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DropVision Fluorescence consists of a specialized high eyepoint compound microscope with a built-in hi-res digital imaging processor, DropVision Advanced Droplet Image Analysis software,  and the DropVision Graphing & Reporting software. DropVision Fluorescence is designed for the user who samples airborne droplets with Impingers in geographic regions that have background particles that are mistaken for sampled insecticide droplets. Is DropVision Fluorescence more efficient than manually reading slides?

Reading slides manually may take up to thirty minutes for a complete analysis of two hundred (200) drops. DropVision Fluorescence reads two thousand droplets (2,000) and produces graphs and robust reports at an average rate of thirty seconds, depending on the droplet densities on the slides.

Does DropVision Fluorescence analyze and report the requirements of the new EPA labels?

Yes. DropVision Fluorescence provides the user with the new and current label language requirement standards. DropVision Fluorescence specifically incorporates DV.1, DV.5, DV.9 droplet densities per millimeter squared and relative span.

Does DropVision Fluorescence analyze more than one slide?

Yes.  DropVision Fluorescence accommodates a single slide analysis or an unlimited number of slides and locations. This makes DropVision Fluorescence very unique and capable of analyzing a slide for a single ULV fogger or aircraft calibration or a complex network of droplet measuring stations in a wide area ULV ground or aerial application.

How accurate is DropVision Fluorescence?

Statistical analysis of DropVision Fluorescence compared to the conventional human eye-read and analyzed measurements demonstrated comparable results. It should be noted that DropVision Fluorescence, through the proprietary image analysis algorithms, measures droplet sizes as small as one pixel (as small as a .5 micron using the 4x ocular).  This advanced and unmatched measuring technique produces a more precise and accurate measurement of droplet sizes as compared to conventional methods.

*DropVision Fluorescence is a registered trademark of Leading Edge Associates.