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FleetVision® is a feature rich internet-based GPS tracking solution that provides users access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions. FleetVision® has been successfully installed in all types of vehicles including aircraft, helicopters, boats, trucks ATV’s and airboats.

FleetVision® leads the LIVE asset and vehicle tracking industry, providing one, five, and ten second tracking service. FleetVision® has the widest coverage area with the highest reliability of any GPS tracking product on the market.

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  • Safety through knowledge of an asset’s location
  • Security and assurance with live alerts through email and text messaging
  • Decrease fuel costs and business redundancies
  • Increase efficiencies among fleet
  • Increased service technician productivity – more service calls; more money
  • Live weather radar and traffic; empowering dispatchers to re-route technicians
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts
  • Monitor and display two event switch statuses for sprayers in real time with update rates as frequently as 1-2 seconds

The MapVision web based systems (Elite, Premier, and Enterprise) seamlessly collects, displays, stores and retrieves the real time data transmitted from the FleetVision units. Users can see their application assets such as trucks, ATV’s boats, making applications. By color coding two spray systems on/off switch status, users can see and record which flow control pumps are active in real time while MapVision stores all data for access, documenting and replay.

FleetVision™ by Leading Edge is a robust, affordable real time tracking system designed for ground and low altitude helicopter activity. FleetVision™ offers a variety of devices that are either hardwired to vehicles or battery operated clip on devices for individual activity. Coverage is widespread and reliable, to include the US, Canada, and other international locations. FleetVision™ provides web-based functionality driven by a user friendly Control Panel to include interactive mapping, dispatch, communication, historical playback and Alerts, which will provide vapor or tracking, report generation and many other comprehensive features such as lock and unlock doors, messaging, remote start, weather, spray switch status, driving characteristics, and up to 4-input monitoring channels.

Hard Wired Device

  • Live Tracking with 5 or 10 second updates
  • ALERT Notifications
  • Report Generation
  • Lock/Unlock Doors
  • Boom Position
  • Spray Switch Status
  • 4 Inputs/4 Outputs
  • Unlimited Possibilities

Battery Operated Device

  • Fastest update of any portable devise
  • Updates every 20 feet if speed slower than 10 mph
  • Updates every 10 seconds if speed is greater than 10 mph
  • Built in motion sensor extends battery life
  • Sensitive antenna
  • 10-18 hours of actual movement on a single charge
  • Optional extended battery give up to 80 hours of movement
  • Conceals easily


  • Full NAV functionality
  • Most reliable system on the market
  • Coverage for US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia, South America & Africa

Website Functionality & Views

Mapping: The main map page provides real time live data on each vehicle. Simply roll your cursor over the vehicle image and reveal the current devise data to include

Main Map Page

  • Vehicle ID
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Heading
  • Velocity
  • Switch Status
  • GPS Satellites
  • Last Move
  • Last Update

To provide greater information on each vehicle in the field, simply evoke the Activity Panel to reveal.

Activity Panel

  • Date
  • Latitude & Longitude
  • Speed
  • Heading
  • Satellites
  • Ignition Status
  • Panic
  • Aux 1 and Aux 2

To retrieve and evoke a number of other features, simply click on the vehicle to reveal the following menu.


  • Device ID
  • Flag Text
  • Flag Color
  • Text Color
  • Icon

Reports Panel

Reporting: There are ten standard reports included with the FleetVision™ Web-based Mapping software. Specific reports include:

  • Speeding Report
  • Standard Report – reflects a specific vehicle, date, speeds over time graph, time, address, speed, and heading
  • Stops Report: reflects a specific vehicle, date, user specified stop time, location, stop and start times, address and a graph that reflects Stop and Start times
  • Excessive Idling Report: reflects a specified vehicle, date, time, location, total idle time, and selectable idle time duration
  • Vapor Trail Report: reflects vehicles full route and graphically displays the spray switch status color.  This is a user selectable option by vehicle, date, and PTO switches
  • Vehicle Mileage Report
  • Vehicle Speeding Report

Comprehensive Alert Creator – Fence Alert 1

  • Comprehensive Alert Creator that allows many management controls to maximize efficiency and minimize operating cost. The image below reflects a gate or fence system that alerts management to vehicles departing assigned areas. Other alerts include speeding infractions, panic alert, ignition alert, route alert, and many more

Switches Report

  • Switches Report – reflects a specific vehicle, begin date/time, end date/time, address, speed, switches on
  • Additional reports include:
  • Aggressive Driving Report
  • Vehicle Mileage Report
  • Speeding Report
  • Zone Activity

Control Panel

Mapping Functionality: The Fleet Vision™ Web-based software is driven by a user friendly CONTROL PANEL pictured below.  The FleetVision™ software has built in training videos on every section within the control panel.

Map Controls

  • Provides panning, zooming, satellite imagery, NEXRAD radar, Clouds, traffic and man additional features


  • Devices: provides user the ability to select and program specific FleetVision™ devices
  • Search: search the internet for directions, restaurants, specific addresses, etc…
  • Dispatch & direction: route planning, service calls
  • Address: comprehensive address search engine
  • Live support: tap into live support free for any FleetVision™ users
  • Historical playback:  provides the user the feature rich functionality of “replaying” a vehicles route. The map below displays an aerial application of a helicopter during an adulticiding application.

Additional functions include:

~    Lock Doors ~    Phone Driver
~    Unlock Doors ~    Dispatch NAV Device
~    Honk Horn ~    Disable Starter
~    Message to NAV Device ~    Enable Starter
~    Follow Vehicle ~    Remote Start
~    Show Address  ~   Message to Driver’s Cell


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