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3 mm Rod w/ Teflon Tape

Sampling Airborne Droplets? We Can Help!

These rods allow you to sample airborne droplets with greater ease and accuracy. 

  • 3 mm Rod w/Teflon Tape
  • No Fault, Blue Indicator (avoid backward placement)
  • Easily Connects to Impinger arm

Your order will include a box of 20  rods. See below for additional details.



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The 3 mm Rod with Teflon tape is designed to be placed on each end of the spinning impinger arm to sample airborne droplets within the movement of a spray cloud at fixed locations. 

The 3 mm rods are constructed of square acrylic material with a Teflon tape on one side. A highly visible blue indicator mark indicates the side of the rod with the Teflon tape. This saves all those frustrating moments when you discover the rods were placed in the rotating impinger backward.



SKU: Slides (1/8" sq acrylic)
Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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