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Spinning Impingers

USER PAGE: Product Information and Instructions

Friendly Reminder – Always remove batteries when not in use.

Leading Edge designed these Spinning Impingers to sample the airborne movement of a spray cloud at a fixed location.

Operations applying pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides can utilize this device to ensure product is being dispersed following label requirements.

The descriptive parameters are (1) DV0.5; (2) DV0.1; (3) DV0.9. DV0.5 is also called Volume Median Diameter (VMD), defined as the droplet diameter such that 50% of the spray volume is contained in droplets larger than the VMD and 50% is contained in droplets smaller than the VMD.

Each unit requires four (4) AA batteries

Two mount brackets are included with the impinger. If you are looking to utilize the Tripod Mount, here is a link to a tripod that is inexpensive (under $30), durable, and easy-to-use. We have tested it in the field and recommend it to customers.

Bonus: The handle can hold a yardstick to attach cages.

Spinning Impinger arms can hold 1” slides or 3 mm rods

Leading Edge offers compatible 1″ Liquid Coated Slides and 3 mm Rods if needed.

Instructions for Programming the Remote to the Impinger