Generally speaking, the DropVision® systems are designed to measure a range of droplets from 4 microns, commonly found in mosquito adulticides, to the largest droplet sizes associated with agricultural applications, 52-1000+ microns. The chart below provides an association of droplet size spectrums and the appropriate DropVision® product.

Droplet CharacterDroplet Sizes* (Microns)DropVision® Solutions

Extremely Fine, & Very Fine 0 ‐50
Fine 50 – 300
Medium 100 – 400
DropVision® Basic and Fluorescent
Coarse 150 – 600
Very Coarse 175 – 750
Extremely Coarse 200 – 850
Ultra Coarse 300 – 1150
DropVision® AG
Source: ANSI/ASAE S572.1 Mar2009 Spray Nozzle Classification by Droplet Size

DropVision® AG

This system is designed to and is capable of reading droplets from 52 microns and up to the largest of those that can be collected in the 1000+ micron size. Typical applications are agriculture, mosquito larviciding, and forestry, where droplet deposition is the objective.

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DropVision® & DropVision® FL

Designed for extremely fine droplets, DropVision® & DropVision® FL read droplets in the 4 200 micron size.

DropVision® provides immediate data analysis of a droplet spectrum to ensure compliance with insecticide labels. The benefits of the system will provide considerable cost savings and the opportunity to more efficiently utilize resources. Learn more here.

DropVision® FL (Fluorescence) is designed for the user who samples airborne droplets with Impingers in geographic regions that have background particles that can be mistaken for insecticide sampled droplets. DropVision® FL incorporates proprietary software that eliminates all background particles, only recognizing those droplets that contain a unique fluorescence tracer. Learn more here.